Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Short Ride

Today was a relatively short ride. 1 hour for 10 miles, 15 mph. Not much news. Agh!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Speed Speed Speed!

I cannot seem to imagine that I am a fast rider. On a half century weekend, I seemed to have shaved of some significant time throughout my whole training. The only way that I can improve my cycling skills are sprints, proper nutrition, and riding with people who are above my level.

I accomplished this feat while on a 52 mile bike ride (12 with TNT 40 with alumna). Midway through the ride, I saw a friend of mine (Brian Baker, remember him?) climbing up a steep hill. I sprinted my way up the hill in proper fashion. For those who don't know Bubba as he is termed, he is a speed demon climber. Once I got close to his back wheel, I was on fire. We were together most of the time as our average speed was 8 miles an hour while going uphill.

Though I had a successful ride, I experienced discomfort in my left patella. This is due to the lack of water and electrolyte liquid consumption. Because of the slight injury, I drank several glasses of water that evening in preparation for today's ride with Coach John. To his amazement, I perfected my skills as a rider, by continually listening to his rants about breathing and pedalling. As he said on a 50 mile bike ride "Go faster!" I continued to grunt and breathe harder. Thus, I had developed the mental toughness inside me.

Well, that's all for now. It's time to watch the New England Patriots make history. In the meantime, happy riding!

Friday, February 1, 2008

General Training

Life and its problems can interfere with training for a sports endurance event. An athlete has work, school, and family commitments they must abide. However, if one person does not follow the regiment, their once energetic physique becomes an evergrowing layer of excess skin and fat. As a result, fatigue takes its toll and the lack of concentration is lost.

When I decided to commit to do a century/double century ride, I convinced myself to at least one hour a day of self-imposed training which includes weights, sprints, spin classes, and mileage on the bike. I thought of this idea while doing a 15 mile ride along the Kings County Roads. Albeit, with the sunshining on my face, it felt really good to be on the bike. An hour on the bike, counteracts to two years added to your life.

For the record Mr. G. I rode 15 miles for a little over an hour while doing sprints. My average speed was about 16 mph...