Sunday, February 3, 2008

Speed Speed Speed!

I cannot seem to imagine that I am a fast rider. On a half century weekend, I seemed to have shaved of some significant time throughout my whole training. The only way that I can improve my cycling skills are sprints, proper nutrition, and riding with people who are above my level.

I accomplished this feat while on a 52 mile bike ride (12 with TNT 40 with alumna). Midway through the ride, I saw a friend of mine (Brian Baker, remember him?) climbing up a steep hill. I sprinted my way up the hill in proper fashion. For those who don't know Bubba as he is termed, he is a speed demon climber. Once I got close to his back wheel, I was on fire. We were together most of the time as our average speed was 8 miles an hour while going uphill.

Though I had a successful ride, I experienced discomfort in my left patella. This is due to the lack of water and electrolyte liquid consumption. Because of the slight injury, I drank several glasses of water that evening in preparation for today's ride with Coach John. To his amazement, I perfected my skills as a rider, by continually listening to his rants about breathing and pedalling. As he said on a 50 mile bike ride "Go faster!" I continued to grunt and breathe harder. Thus, I had developed the mental toughness inside me.

Well, that's all for now. It's time to watch the New England Patriots make history. In the meantime, happy riding!

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