Saturday, June 7, 2008

Attention Parents!

The other day, I rode with a few cyclists at a local city park. I came a cross a Moms-in-Motion team as they were training for a sports endurance event. They brought their children, some in strollers, to help them train. For those of you who don't know, Moms-in-Motion ( is an international network created by a stay-at-home mother that connects mothers through wellness and philanthropy. In addition, they promote childhood nutrition and physical fitness.

As an educator, I am saddened that our nations youth has gone through a health crisis. Childhood obesity has become a national epidemic. Over 20 percent of children are overweight. Thirty percent of children are developing Type 2 Diabetes. Hypertension and heart disease are also on the rise. Lack of exercise and nutrition are factors to this problem. Schools are providing processed foods to children and cutting physical education programs because of budget cuts.

There could be many reasons why children are extremely overweight, but the answer is plain and simple. Parents need to educate them proper nutrition and exercise will help them gain self confidence. Joining fitness clubs such as Moms in Motion and Team in Training (yes I am biased!) teaches children how to live a healthy lifestyle. Therefore parents who are reading this blog, please take care of your children before it is too late.

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2tiretracks said...

This is such an important message to get out. Whenever I'm out riding it thrills me to no end to see parents out with their children riding bikes and being active. Like anything else, the young ones should be taught how important to their health physical activity is!