Monday, June 23, 2008

Century Number 5 Continued...

I hope that you are staying cool under the hot sun. Yesterday, I completed yet another century in Cambria (The Gene Cerese Century Classic) with my friend Mandy, who is an alum. For the record, this is number 5. The ride was very scenic with high terrain (it was 3600 feet of climbing). Also the temperature was 85 degrees compared to the record 110 in Fresno. The routed started in Cambria headed East to Paso Robles off of Hwy 46, back to Cambria, turned right on Hwy 1, went to San Simeon, passed the infamous Hearst Castle and Lighthouse, and headed to Ragged Point near Big Sur. Along the way, I had a nice view of the ocean. Total time was about 7 hours.

As I crossed the finishline, I held a button of all of my honorees up high and kissed Debbie. I know that she was watching over me. Chandler, you were in my thoughts friend!

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