Monday, June 16, 2008

My First 5K

I cannot believe that I did the unthinkable! As part of my triathlon training, I am supposed to run several miles whether it would be on a treadmill, track, flat land, or hilly course. Well, today I decided to do a 5k (3.5 mile) run on a treadmill! Never have I ran this many miles since my early collegiate years. The most I ever ran on a treadmill was at least 1 mile.

Running on a treadmill always seemed hard for me. I never could withstand walking or running for several miles. At least in cycling, you are able to sit on a seat for long periods of time. However, after the first mile I decided to change my ways. I was able to complete the course in a little over half an hour.

I know that a 5K run may seem a lot to you, but it doesn't to me. A 5k is a stepping stone towards greater achievements. Another triathlon, marathon, and century ride are in the works. Most importantly, it will help me lead a productive lifestyle.

For the record, the picture posted on the left is not me!

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