Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swim Swim Swim!!

The other day, I signed up as a member at the local YMCA. For the past few days, I have utilized their pool services as a part of my training regiment. The fitness center that I joined prior to this didn't have an Olympic-sized pool for me to train. And for those of you know where I reside, the kidney-shaped one that I have in my backyard is not sufficient for me to use.

While at the Y, a few high school swimmers employed at the facility have been serving as my swim coaches. They have been teaching me the fundamentals of swimming One of the products that I have been using is a buoy (see picture on the right) which has been a great tool for perfecting a swimmer's strokes. In addition, energy is saved rather than stopped midway through the route. Thus I will continually use the buoy until the coaches say so.

Well, that's enough from me now! In the meantime Happy Trails!!!

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