Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Triathlon Financing

As many of you know, I have decided to do a triathlon to add to my sports endurance agenda. A few weeks ago, I signed up for the San Luis Obispo Triathlon as a member of the Visalia Triathlon Club slated for the end of July. The training will be very rigorous, but it will be beneficial in the future. I firmly believe that exercise is the key to longevity. Who would have known back in my high school days I would be competing in a long distance program?

Though training for a triathlon may not seem easy, financing for an event can be very difficult. The average tri athlete spends about $4000 (if not more) on gear, travel arrangements, and registration. A typical wetsuit costs about $175.00 to $400.00,. Rentals are $50. Running shoes are priced at $110. Transition bags are $35. Then there are triathlon club and gym memberships that amount to $30 to $40 which can add to your monthly budget.

My suggestion for any person wanting to do a triathlon is to spend your money wisely. Find an event that is not too far from your home. Join a triathlon club where you can get a discount at a reasonable rate at a local store. For Team in Training members, I use my TNT card at places where I'm a regular, including bike and shoe stores. Shop at ebay or Craiglist before going to a discount, outlet, or retail store. Hopefully, the money saving tips that I have provided will help you in the future.

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