Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mel The Hero

For the past two days, I have heard nothing but congratulatory remarks from my fellow colleagues, teachers, friends, and family. Without their support, I would not have completed my first triathlon.

1. Family- Thanks for your continued support. Mom and Dad I love you with all my heart. You taught me how to overcome many obstacles. Maricel, my dear sister and BFF, you gave me the tool to defend the challenges I endured. To my aunts, uncles, and cousins, you showed me persistence.

2. Team in Training- The greatest organization!! Sheryl, my "other" Mama, thanks for letting me be part of a team dedicated to help find a cure. Coaches Cathy, Bill McE (a.k.a. Mac Daddy), Bill N., Jim F., John G., Peggy S., Steve and Donna D., TC, Jerry and Katherine F., and Alan K., you transformed a scrawny individual with little pedaling experience to an athlete. For that I am truly grateful. To my teammates, Papa Bob Johnson, Becki R., Bob McK, Brian "My Brother from Another Mother," Erik "Papa John," Amy "First Grade," Mandy "My Sister," Mike "The Chauffeur," Dave "Crazy Legs," Rick "Speedy Gonzales," Doreen "Where are you?,"Andy "My Daddy," Karen McE (Mac Momma), Drew "Squeeky," Marcela, Alison, and Abby to name a few- you are the best! I am glad to have made lasting friendships with all of you!

3. Visalia Triathlon Club- There are endless amount of words to describe. I thank all of you for giving me the tool to achieve greater success. Justin- you're the bomb!! Thanks for helping me trying to become a better athlete. Sharon B. and Mike K- you, along with my aunts and uncles, have taught me that persistence is the key to success. So much for a future RN right? Jen, Carol, and Susan= Thanks for always turning my frown upside down! Connie, and Sam- hearing your inspirational stories about your first Ironman make me want to do one... however NOT IN HAWAII OR FLORIDA WHERE SHARKS ARE INVOLVED OKAY!!! And Janet L., we're next okay?

4. Friends- What can I do without you? Faith- I love you sister! You taught me to fight negative criticism. Maria A.- Kindness words, Maria P- laughter is the best medicine, Isabel- being lovable, Shayna- Put trust in God, Joe- Joe Cool, Char- Living life to the fullest, Kim- Be freespirited, DeAnna- Teach people, live well, and to the rest of you- trust!