Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swimming the Perfect 10

Today was the first time that I had swimming practice with the Visalia Tri-Club. For weeks I have been wanting to show my skills as a swimmer. Being coached by several members of a local high school swim team, I wanted to display my skills. Boy, was I wrong.

While swimming a the first few laps of an 50 m relay (16 laps), I felt a little disoriented. I began to lose energy and gasped for air. Coach Justin "The Mighty" Levine taught me some viable techniques that would help me finish the course. He told me to have my head one sided and in the water as much as possible. This procedure would allow me to save energy and gain strength. Indeed he was right!

I was able to finish the swim portion of the course in under an hour. I may not be an Olympic swimmer, but I did my best.

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