Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Biggest Fear

Each time I prepare for an event, I am always petrified of finishing last. As a child, I did not participate in any sports. In P.E., I was always the last person to complete a track course, kick and hit the ball at short distances, and the first one out of the dodgeball inner circle. Because of my lack of athletcism, I never received an intrinsic award for my fitness efforts.

Many years later, I am still haunted of being the final person completing a course. I cannot over come this fear despite earning many cycling and triathlon awards. If anybody can help me overcome my childhood obstacle, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


mkeller said...

Was ist los Mel, (what's up " in German! Yes..I'm German!

U are way to concerned about performance.. Forget about the past and concentrate on having fun. Do you know that 90 percent of people have never done a triathlon or marathon or even less a 100 mile ride. You are not on the bottom of the pile, you're on the TOP! Feel good about yourself Girl.. Your special! I'm not the fastest but my goal is to finish and have a good time doing it. If you're not doing it to have fun, you better find something that does make you happy. 20 years ago few women partisipated in these kind of events. Be proud to be one of the women who are competing now!! Train the best you can, when you can. Time is something we all don't have enough of. School, work, family all play a part in time management. We make time to train for the sport we love. I didn't say it was easy. Hang in there..Your doing fine. Keep up the good work and don't give up!! Not everyone will encourage you, but we (your friends) will!!!
See ya.. Someone with an opinion!! So what else is new!! Smile MikeK

Sports Endurance Enthusiast said...

I'm just having fun!

2tiretracks said...

Mel, you're doin' it WAY big! School, jobs, family.... Mike is right. Worry if you ever find yourself not having a good time at these events. You're not losing one bit when you start everything you do and complete it no matter how hard it is.

triblog carol said...

Mel, you just never had anyone tell you that all it takes is persistence. That's really all it is. You are an athlete! You are athletic.

Read this guy's story:

Steven Ayres said...

You referred to this blog yesterday., and after digging around I found it. After reading the responses from your friends, I though I'd pipe in.

We all have a competitive nature, and we strive to win.

When you and I do these events, we are "competing" against those who do this for a living. They have been training for years! We have just begun. We should really be competing against ourselves. Not you vs me and me vs you but you vs you and me vs me. We should push ourselves to do do better then last time. And, remember, we all have bad days.

What attracted me to you is your hard work ethic, and your determination to lead a healthy lifestlye. Oh yeah, you look hot in your biker shorts as well!

We all have obstacles, but instead of looking into the past, we need to look into the future.

Keep it up!

Love ya, Steven