Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pure Frustration

It's a matter of months for my next triathlon and first real 5k. Already, I am experiencing frustration and anxiety. A local high school has closed their football stadium late in evening in preparation for the next school day. This leaves me with limited access to a track or trail. I am trying to avoid running on the treadmill at the fitness center, but I have no option at times. Trust me, running in gravity is better than on a machine.

I want to become a good runner. In order for me to accomplish the feat, I need to find a decent place where runners can train in public property such as Blossom Trail in Fresno, California, Eaton Trail in Fresno, California, Woodward Park in Fresno, California, San Francisco Peninsula Trail in San Francisco, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and most notably Central Park in New York City. Otherwise, I will be miserable!

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