Friday, October 17, 2008

Slow-Poke Child Turned Triathlete Ready for Half Marathon

With triathlon season over, it's now time for me to focus on another sport, running. When I was a child, running has been my least favorite activity. I could not qualify for the elementary school track team because I was overweight and slow. The middle school that I attended did not have a cross country team. Besides, my 7th grade P.E. teacher would wander around the track knowing that I would finish last after a mile run (albeit, she would be the only person to cheer once I finished the course-- therefore I would give her kudos for that!).

Now, the tides have turned. I am no longer that "slow-poke" child most people remember. I am consistently running several miles a week in preparation for my first half-marathon. This is in lieu of achieving my ultimate goal of training for my first Half Ironman in 2010.

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triblog carol said...

Congrats on a great season this year, Mel! You are on your way to the top. You can do it...all it takes is persistence to keep on tri-ing.