Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stress Reliever

The other day, I received a letter from the California State Insurance Commission stating that I'm not a licensed driver and owner of a vehicle. I was in a rage. I wanted to go to the insurance office and throw something across their faces. How could this be? Did my insurance company fail to submit their paperwork with my policy plan? Could be their a glitch in the state's computer system? Perhaps a state employee deleted their email stating that I was a new member. Regardless of the situation, I was ready with a vengeance!

I drove all the way to the insurance office and gave them a piece of my mind. One of their agents looked into their computer system and saw that I was a customer in excellent standing. I make my payments on time and haven't had an accident in over a year. My driving record is in near perfection.

Afterwards, he called the California Insurance Commission on my behalf. The representative informed him that there was a problem with their network earlier this year and to accept their apologizes (yeah right!). He then faxed my original paperwork to them.
Once I headed home, I grabbed my bike and went for a run. I wanted to release all of my frustrations and vent. I was on fire! In the end, I was able to complete a 11 mile bike ride and 6 mile run. Boy, did it feel good!!