Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who Let the Dogs Out???

As I was training with my friend Steve for the Trail of Two Cities Half Marathon, I was bitten not by the love bug, but by animal dominance. In the midst of a 11 mile run, two aggressive terriers were running towards my side on a country road. I attempted to use pepper spray as recommended by a reader, but failed to release the button in time. Instead, one of the dogs bit my left leg near the hamstrings, creating a few scabs. Afterwards, I threw the object towards them thinking that they would leave me alone. However, it added towards their frustration. Fortunately, a noble citizen pulled over to the side of the street in my rescue.

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Jenni G said...

Holy Moley! I've never been bitten by a dog. Been chased, but never bitten. I should start bringing my pepper spray with me on rides, too! Ouch. Hope you're ok!