Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Drug Addiction

I had a conversation with my sister, Maricel, who noticed something peculiar about me. She claims that I have an addiction to endurance events. Indeed, she is right. Preparing for a century, marathon, triathlon, or Ironman is my drug. Albeit, it's a good one! Mention an event to me and I will clear my weekly schedule to train. What can I say? I enjoy it all!

And by the way, a dear friend of mine has brought up the attention of doing a Half Ironman in California. If he continues to talk the talk, I will definately WALK THE WALK!!


triblog carol said...

So true - endorphins are addicting!

Steven said...

Mel's my training partner in crime. I don't necessarily have an "addiction" to endurance events, but I do set out goals for myself to complete them, for self-accomplishment

Steve Stenzel said...

Yep! They ARE a drug!

Ryan said...

I got a link from trimama so I wanted to say Hi!

I need endurance events, and so does my wife. If I take more than a day off of any kind of training my wife always says, "don't you have to go ride your bike or something?"

I guess I get too hyper ;)