Monday, January 12, 2009

A Friendly Ride

Riding with a group of people is always fun and challenging. It's a chance to get acquainted with others who share the same passion in a healthy, fit environment. In addition, it allows individuals to compete with others at various levels.

I was able to ride with people who have watched me grow as an athlete. They have witnessed my pitfalls, trials, and tribulations. With their help, I got faster and stronger.

Although today's ride with a small group was slow, I seemed to amaze the people (and a dog) who were always at my side. I may not be up to their speed yet, but I felt confident. In the end, I felt like this:


Duane said...


Daniel N. Lang said...

Wow, I think it depends heavily on the kind of rider and person you are. I can ride with one or two people easily, but when I ride in a big group with 10 to 20 riders for example on mountain bike rides in my area, I really feel uncomfortable and limited in my creativity.
There are challenges in a team ride that I am not up to and risks that I just don't want to take.
If you're on your own out there in the forests you can almost do what you want, you're your own boss and you take the full responsibility. But I've had it at one occasion when riding in Norway that a rider right in front of me fell and I almost fell over him.
But I'm always happy to see the other side and to know what it's like for other people. I don't say my way is the only one or the best one, far from that! I'd especially like to see more women on bikes and to go for rides together.