Saturday, February 21, 2009

Team CSD's First Race Race for Judicata 5K Run

At the turn of the year, a few coworkers (Dolores, Zoraida, Monica, Steven, and myself) created our own fitness team headed by yours truly. This is our first event, Race for Judicata 5K Run, held at the well-renowned, San Joaquin College of Law in Clovis, California. Zoraida couldn't compete in the run because of a prior obligation. After several weeks of training separately, given our hectic and non-condusive schedules, we all finished strong. Steven and I finished under 45 minutes while Dolores and Monica completed their first event in an hour. Lastly is our youngest competitor, Hunter, son of Monica, who placed 11th out of 32 children in the Kid's Race. Here are pictures of the event:
A cool slogan that I grabbed from Sierra Running Company, one of the sponsors for the race

(Pictured above is the kids race)


triblog carol said...

Great job inspiring your co-workers to do a 5k. Yay for you!

2tiretracks said...

And yet another one under the belt. Congrats, Mel!