Sunday, April 19, 2009

Certified Organic Kitchen

For the past several years, I have met many fitness-minded/health conscienscious individuals. I must admit I have fallen into their nutritional trap. Each of them have taught me that naturally grown, non-processed foods is the key to longevity. In addition, all of them have taught me to shop at local certified organic grocery stores such as Whole Foods , Trader Joe's, Tesco's, and The Fresh Market.

Eating organically has my training and nutrition tremendously. I am a faster cyclist, runner, and swimmer. If you want to note the amount of time I spend at the gym, that can be included. I rarely eat junk food unless it comes from the places mentioned. Fast food, other than Subway or Starbucks is not welcomed in my body.

Besides myself, organic consuming has improved my family's nutritional needs. My parents who once had high blood pressure and cholesterol no longer have them. They eat naturally grown products religiously. Maricel, my beloved sister, resides in the health conciscious city of San Francisco, lives off of them. So, you can say that I've transformed my family to become organic lovers.
Yes, all natural grown products are expensive, but your body will benefit it in the future. Go green... GO ORGANIC!

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