Monday, May 11, 2009

Sounds Like Me

For the past few years, I have subscribed to Fitness Magazine. Every month, readers share their weight-loss success stories. However, the May 2009 edition has a subscriber who wrote a story that is similar to me.

Lisa Keyes-Blair is a 42-year-old Risk Manager from Frisco, Texas. She has lost about 50 pounds within the past year. Her wake up call was when her doctor informed Lisa had high cholesterol and needed to go on medication. Rather going on medication, she opted for diet and exercise. Lisa focuses on portion control and has fruits and vegetables in every meal. She runs four or five times a week and adds strength training regiments to prevent boredom. Lastly, Lisa gives herself a goal of participating in 5K runs once a month.

As for me, I'm a soon-to-be 31 year old educator/relay operator/nursing student from Central California. Since 2005, I have lost 20 to 30 pounds (I fluctuate between 130-138.... goal is to get to 130 pounds and stay there permanently). As mentioned in a previous blog post, my turning point was the typical "New Year's Resolution" promise. I was several pounds overweight and severely depressed. Knowing that I have a history of cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes, I did not want to take a magic pill to save my life. Instead, I bought a gym membership, joined Team in Training, and signed up for local fitness clubs (running, cycling, and triathlon) around my area. Not to mention, I do have a "Certifically Organic Kitchen" that is overflowed with fruits and vegetables. I ride my bike at least 5 times a week, attend spin class, swim at my local fitness center, run with friends, and weight training 3 times a week. To increase body excitement, I register for triathlon, duathlon, running, and cycling events on a monthly basis.

So, do Lisa and I have similarities or what?

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