Sunday, May 31, 2009

Splash and Dash

I am still in awe for completing an open water multisport event. The Splash and Dash was a USAT sanctioned duathlon located at Millerton Lake outside of Fresno, California. The course was designed as a .25 mile swim and 5K run which is great for beginners.

The swim was very challenging for me. It has been years since I had stepped foot into a lake. Being that it was my first time, the drowning jitters began to creep as I reached the first buoy. I seem to struggle throughout the route as was gasping for breath. I thought that I was going to drown and die! A few experienced athletes told me to do a few breast strokes and/or elementary backstrokes once I was losing energy. One of the volunteers who was worried about my safety carried me back to shore.

Running seemed like a piece of cake until I reached a very steep hill. Prior to this, my only hill training was on the treadmill at a fitness center. Like any other course that has terrain, I stumbled through rocks and pebbles. None of the less, it was a great route.

In the end, I enjoyed my stay. My finish time was 1 hour and a minute. Not bad for a first timer right?

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