Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finance and Fitness

Budgeting my finances is starting to become an ongoing habit thanks to a few personal financiers. In years past, I've always overspend on countless items that weren't a necessity which brought my bank account to an overdrawn status. The temptation of purchasing a brand name dress for a regular price at a retail store was constantly on my mind. Once I reached the checkout stand, I paid for the item not knowing how much it cost. Afterwards, I did not write the total amount on paper or through a computer.

Neglecting to track my expenses coincides with documenting the amount of calories I consume. An active person should consume between 1600 to 2000 calories a day. I seem to go below the suggested amount because of my constant fear of gaining weight, which leads to my overall race performanc. This is the reason I am squawked by members of the fitness community.

With these ideas in mind, I have developed a trend which has been successful. I've been writing everything I eat and spend through paper and online. At the same time, I've been burning calories as my bank account continues to accrue.

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