Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work Work Work

Twelve hour work days are enjoyable which gives me a pay check. I really enjoy what I do (which is being an educator- I substitute teach and tutor for an after school tutoring company) and would not trade it for the world. However, it deters me from the things that I need to do which is train, spend time with my family and friends, and focus on my health care studies. Therefore, I have devised a plan that would keep me in check and stay motivated!

1. Weight Loss Reality TV Shows- I have been watching The Biggest Loser, Heavy, and I Used to Be Fat since it's inception. Despite some criticism about exploitation and radical weight loss, it motivates me of where I don't want to be 5 to 30 years from now. Oh, I'm thankful for for letting me not miss an episode!

2. School- I am proud to say that I am almost done! I must commit to at least a couple of hours a night to do this.

3. Races- Although races are expensive, it keeps me going. Saturdays are typically bike races while Sundays are run days. I have a few upcoming races that I'm excited to complete.

4. Friends and Family- I always make time with my friends and family (preferably on weekends) who are my support group. Saturdays with friends, Sundays with family.

Well, the books are laying on my bedroom floor. I guess it's time to flip those pages before I go out with friends tonight (which I also did this morning).

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